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Fundraising Ideas for Schools, Clubs, Sports Teams, Charities – Australia

Who says that charity has to be serious? At Say Monkey Photo Booth, we love fundraisers—and we have a full range of options to help you make yours go off with a bang!

Whether you’re considering a quick fundraising idea to promote an issue close to your heart, or want to create an amazing primary school fundraiser idea that the kids will love, or simply want to create the most awesome fundraising idea that Melbourne will love, we’ve got your back.

Get retro fun for your cause and contact us today with your requirements!

Organising a fundraiser is tiring work, and as organiser we know you already have a lot on your plate. At Say Monkey Photo Booth, we provide a service that’s out of this world—and out of your hands.

Not only do we take care of setting up and taking down our open air photo booth, we’ll send a crack squadron of photo booth monkeys to monitor fundraising guests using it, as well as help out with digital and print photos.

Even better, we will put your fundraising logo on all photos, making sure that guests aren’t just getting a snapshot of an awesome fundraiser—but also a reminder of what it was all about, long after the event.

We help make school fundraisers in Melbourne amazing!

We know just how challenging coming up with primary school fundraisers can be. Teach the kids about the age of the dinosaurs—or pre-Smartphone technology—and how the oldies used to take “selfies” as you raise money for your school!

Not only will kids love the concept, they will totally dig our amazing prop bucket (as will the adults!)

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