Many digital photobooth rental services are now quickly entering the market and it has now become a necessity to have one as part of your celebrations and party needs! Even photographers, DJs and event organizers are looking at adding this awesome service to their repertoire.

With a wide variety of styles of photo booths and so many competing photo booth companies in the market, it can be really hard for customers to choose the perfect and suitable photo booth for their special celebration.

In this article, we have gathered some helpful tips in selecting the ‘PERFECT’ and unique photo booth company that will help you spice up your party and celebration needs.

Let’s get started!


Find out the background of the company

In the world of events and occasion planning, once you’ve chosen your photo booth you can’t easily correct a mistake on the same day of your event. So, doing careful research before picking the photo booth company to handle the fun on your day of celebration should be taken seriously.
Find out if they are reliable or trustworthy. Are they experienced photo booth professionals? Are their prices reasonable?
Do they have Customer Reviews?

A great way to see how great a photo booth company is, is to read some customer reviews. Customer reviews on their website is a good start but to get unbiased opinions try searching them on sites where the companies can not manipulate the review and rating, such as google reviews, facebook reviews and reviews on easy weddings.

Here is an extract of a blog featured in Easy Weddings about Amanda and Chris’s wedding and a run down of their experience throughout their wedding day.

There were many highlights at the reception including the first-dance to Shut Up and Dance, heartfelt speeches and the photo booth from Say Monkey Group. “It was full for most of the night,” smiles Amanda.
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Find out what is the equipment that they are using for photo booths

One important question that you should ask yourself is if these companies can provide professional quality photos. What camera do they use? Do they use a digital SLR camera or is it a web cam? The type of camera will affect the quality of the photo as well as having the ability to enlarge a photo.

Does the photo booth have a touch screen or is the operator taking the shots? This changes your guests experience.

How does the photo booth look like? It’s always nice to have a photo booth that suits the wedding theme.


What’s included in the package?

At first glance many photo booth companies may look like they are quoting the same prices but in closer inspection once you add in all the extras you may be paying more for some than others. For example are props included and what kind of props do they have and quality, is there an album and if so what is the quality of the album?


Is the price reasonable?

Cheap is not for everyone. The cheaper the price be careful what you are booking. Price can also determine quality, we’re not saying that you have to spend top dollar but like the above points mention check reviews and what’s included in the package as well.

How long is their rental period for? Is there a delivery fee to your event and are they restricted by time with your event to set up. If you are having your ceremony in the same room as the reception is the photo booth company flexible with setup or will they be setting up while your ceremony is underway?

Some photo booth companies will say that they will match their competitor’s price, but can they match quality of service too?

Always keep in mind, that hiring a photo booth is an experience that will be remembered by you and your guests for years to come. Let’s hope that the memories of their photo booth experience are great and memorable.